4 Critical Principles of Data Governance Success

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How effectively you manage the quality, consistency, usability, security, and availability of your organization’s data will play a large part in how successful your business ultimately is. Data is the lifeblood of any business, and if the data isn’t healthy … well, you know the rest.

Jane Griffin of Deloitte Consulting LLP describes four critical principles to a successful data governance implementation effort.Read More

Data Appending: Dive Deeper

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The need to append a prospect or customer data file with third-party data is a necessity for most intelligence-driven marketers. Missing data, stale or inactive files, data kept in silos within enterprises, inaccurate data entry- all of these “sins” can creep into the database and wear down the success of prospect and customer engagement initiatives. Depending on the application, such data mishaps can even undermine a brand.Read More

Melissa Data: Licensed NCOA Mail Service Provider for Canadian National Change of Address

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Melissa Data, a nonexclusive NCOALink Full Service Provider Licensee of the USPS, is now a licensed NCOA mail service provider for Canadian National Change of Address (NCOA).


Melissa Data provides companies with the services necessary to keep up with customers that have moved, both in the U.S. via NCOALink services, and Canada via Canada Post NCOA services.


As a provider of address updating services licensed by the USPS and Canada Post, Melissa Data has the flexibility and means to guarantee the lowest price for its address updating services.Read More

How High-Level Data Modeling Fits with Other Data Initiatives

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Most organizations today are in some stage of developing large, cross-department, data-related initiatives.

In this Information Age, data is a strategic differentiator – a retail organization that has a strong vision around its customer information is a step ahead of its competitors.

Many of the buzzwords surrounding data-related initiatives are common in both business and IT circles: master data management, business intelligence, and data governance.Read More

Building a Robust Business Case for High Quality Master Data

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Projects addressing data quality or master data management (MDM) frequently struggle to get approved by senior management. In fact, the two top barriers to data quality projects are “it’s very difficult to present a business case” and “management does not see this as an imperative.”

Only around 60% OF MDM projects proceed with a proper business case. This is an unsatisfactory state of affairs.Read More