On the Road with SQL Server Saturdays

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By Ira Whiteside

Melissa Data’s BI Architect


We are planning on sponsoring and/or presenting at several SQL Saturday events this year as well at the NEW SQL Rally in Orlando in May. Our themes will implement Metadata Marts and Advanced Fuzzy Matching. Our presentations will be 90 percent live demos, and sample code will be available.


I’ve listed the currently planned schedule below. Initially, we are sponsoring and/or presenting at Tampa, Cleveland, Chicago and Houston. I will be presenting at these events and available for on-site questions or demos of Melissa Data’s Data Quality Components for SSIS.


Here is the abstract for our Metadata presentation:


Creating a Metadata Mart with SSIS – Data Governance, Data Profiling & Code Generation


Recently, I have had a client that required migrating and re-hosting a data warehouse from the Oracle environment to the Netezza Appliance. The application had hundreds of tables and almost 2,900 Source to Target Mappings. This would have taken thousands of hours of manual coding. For this client, we implemented a reusable data driven architecture, via SSIS, that relies on a metadata mart. The end result: A greatly reduced TCO (development effort) for generating the code required vs. manual coding. In addition, the process leaves behind a metadata mart to report on for auditing and other data governance efforts.


We generated over 100,000 lines of code and over 3,000 load scripts. After implementation, the application can be maintained via the tables and automatically regenerated, providing a pro active or self-healing application architecture to respond to changes in incoming source files or target changes. In addition, we will explore the use of T-SQL as well to create Metadata Marts and SQL Code Generation.


SQL Saturday Homepage:


  • Jan 29, 2011 – SQLSaturday #57 – Houston 2011 Melissa Data Sponsored, Speaker


  • Feb 5, 2011 – SQLSaturday #60 – Cleveland 2011 Melissa Data Sponsored, Speaker


  • Mar 27, 2011 – SQLSaturday #65 – Chicago 2011 Melissa Data Sponsored, Possible Speaker


  • May 11, 2011 – SQL Rally Orlando Melissa Data Sponsored, Possible Speaker