Meet Melissa: Global Intelligence

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Data is officially now Melissa.


we welcome our 32nd year in business, we are excited to announce an important
change at Melissa Data. We’ve decided to drop the “Data” from our brand
identity. We are simply Melissa now. This is part of a new branding effort to
reflect Melissa’s growth, and more importantly, the changes in the data quality
space. While authoritative data sources power our products and services, we
want to continue developing new solutions that deliver data-driven results for
better business intelligence.


forward thinking change is reflected in our new logo with the design emphasis
on the “i” for intelligence. You will see this focus on intelligence in our new
ID verification services, our industry-specific solutions to help with Know
Your Customer initiatives, risk management and compliance, and in our robust
customer data management and data integrations platforms.

you’ll see it in our new website at 

Our goal with this new
website is to provide our visitors an easier way to learn about Melissa’s
services and solutions. Immediately, you will notice streamlined menus, simple
navigation, and quick access to the information you need.


We look forward to working together with
all of our existing customers on more opportunities and better solutions for
global intelligence. Please feel free to reach out and let us know how we can
better assist you.