How to Ensure Quality in Your Data’s Life Cycle

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It is inevitable for data to go bad after a certain period
of time. As a matter of fact, as much as up to 2% of records in customer
databases become obsolete in just one month. There are various different things
that cause this to happen including marriage, job change, divorce, or death.

This ends up affecting your database and therefore the
information being used for analytics, communications, and more. This is why it
is absolutely critical to have a system in place that will not only regularly
clean up your data but also ensure its accuracy. Here are a few ways to ensure quality in your
data’s life cycle:

Profile and Monitor Your Data

Profiling helps you identify weaknesses in your data which enables you to
set-up repeatable processes to maintain good quality and monitor it over time.

Verify & Cleanse Your Contact Data (Address,
Name, Email & Phone)

data is inaccurate and has not been verified it not only affects your marketing
and sales strategy but it will result in loss of business money.

Enrich Your Data

missing email, phone, and address info to extend the value of your data and
therefore have a deeper understanding of your customer.


Match Your Data

rid of duplicates and create a Golden Record to provide the most accurate view
of your customer.  

Maintaining clean data is a good business decision that will
ensure the best ROI while reducing costs. Watch our short video to learn more about full spectrum data quality!

 By Natalia Crawford