Effective Communications in a Global Marketplace

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E-commerce has become a driving force behind making the
world a smaller place. It’s causing us to ask questions such as, “how do we
ensure delivery of packages worldwide?” and “can we achieve a globalized
address standard?” With 247 countries and territories in the world, only 117
have a postal code system. Plus, there are 175 different address formats. Then,
you have the countries with no addresses at all.

These, amongst others, are a few of the reasons why it is
vital for e-commerce websites to have the ability to properly format and verify
addresses around the globe. E-commerce websites can then enable accurate and
efficient delivery of packages to the intended recipient at the right address
and the right time.

We strive to communicate effectively in an interconnected
global marketplace. We have to be able to respond to our customers and partners
with accurate, omnichannel intelligence. That means current and consistent name,
address, phone, email throughout the organization. There are various barriers,
such as duplicates, that are expensive and a lost cause. However, there are
solutions, such as global, enterprise contact data management backed with
affordable, flexible, and superior customer support.

As a pioneer in the direct mail and marketing data quality
and data management spaces, Melissa Data has build technologies that not only
address these challenges but actually utilize these technologies to meet the
growing demands of customers worldwide.

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 By Natalia Crawford