Melissa Data Boosts Your Business Relationships So You Can Celebrate High Returns this Season

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Does your holiday marketing need an elf for an assistant? Let’s be real, who doesn’t? Melissa Data is your holiday helper, with 5 valuable tips to help you lead a stunning marketing campaign from from now and on into the new year. Check it out! 
1. Create a Tight Campaign Strategy
Tidy up your contact data before launch day. Achieve better returns when you plan ahead and know that each customer’s data is accurate, reliable, and actionable. If your communication isn’t deliverable, customers won’t know that you’re celebrating the holiday season with them! 
2. Holiday Offers
Think demographically and segment your marketing to target consumers with personalized messages that speak to and compliment their celebrations. Make your special offers unique and appropriate. We offer demographic and firmographic append services that add marital status, household income, family size, and more. Gain insight into your consumers and create offers that benefit their needs.  
3. Engage Yourself 
It’s easy to focus on customer engagement via email response rates, conversions, and social analytics. But ask yourself: Am I engaged? Consider our Social Media Service to gain a full picture of where and how your customers socialize and add flexibility to your strategy. 
5. Spread the Joy 
Now would also be a great time to reach out to potential new customers who are just like your existing customers. Our Consumer list has hundreds of selects so that you can find the perfect audience for your campaign. And our lists are  USPS®CASS™processed to ensure high deliverability.


4. Make it a Fulfilling Holiday
Add address autocompletion to forms and to your checkout–this will reduce long forms that frustrate customers. Plus, they work great for people buying gifts for long distance family and friends. If they don’t know the full address or postal code of their recipient, Global Express Entry will help. 
The holiday season isn’t merely a list of ‘special offer’ dates. To reach sales goals, create a customer experience filled with joy. Tie your campaign up in a red ribbon and celebrate your customers. They will feel valued and shift loyalty to you.