Do Limited Time Offers Really Work?

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By Ray Jutkins 
No Admail package is complete without a special call to action – a response device. You can’t assume our customers or prospects know what you want them to do. You have to tell them. 
One of the best ways to tell them is to include in that direction, a specific limited time offer. With statements such as this: 
“This offer is good for only 30 days,” or “This offer is good only until April 10.”
These kind of limited time offers work. Why? Because, much of your marketplace will procrastinate making any sort of a thinking decision. If you have an unlimited time offer, and there is no urgency to respond, then the audience won’t respond. 
By giving a specific date or something of a limited time, your audience knows they have only a short time to take advantage of this special opportunity you are offering. 
They have to call the 800 number, place an order, clip the coupon, fill out the business response card, bring the ticket to the store, visit your trade show booth, send money or whatever it is you’ve asked them to do…and they must do it by “X” date. 
Limited time offers work. Use them. 
— Ray Jutkins is a direct marketing specialist who works with business-to-business and consumer clients throughout the world. He published two books: Magic Marketing Minutes and Power Direct Marketing.