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Taking Advantage of Melissa Data’s New FullAddressLine with WebSmart StreetSearch

By Admound Chou, DQT Assistant Manager


Melissa Data recently introduced a new element in WebSmart StreetSearch named FullAddressLine, to make StreetSearch even easier to use in generating suggestions for unverifiable addresses.


The FullAddressLine element will take all the individual components and piece them into a complete address line, like one you would write on a letter.


You might think this is a trivial process. After all, just combine the primary range, pre-direction, street name, suffix, post-direction, and suite. Right?


Actually, it is not very straight forward because depending on the type of address, the way in which you combine the address components are very different.


For example, street addresses, PO Boxes, rural routes, and addresses with certain Spanish suffixes all combine these components together in a different order. Now, you do not have to worry about that.


To display a suggestion to your user, simply call StreetSearch with the bad address and display the FullAddressLine to the user as a suggestion. However, remember that not all addresses errors will generate useful suggestions. Please refer to the StreetSearch documentation to see which types of addresses errors can take advantage of StreetSearch.