How to Retrieve Specific Location Data

By Joseph Vertido
DQT Product Specialist


I. Place Information

Addresses verified through the Address Object will give you the correct city information as well as other properties tied to an address based off the USPS database. It will not, however, give you the specific municipality or township information that is associated with an address. This is where the GeoCoder Object comes into play. GeoCoder gives you the ability to retrieve an address’s place information that covers more specific areas compared to the city provided by the USPS. The place information returned by GeoCoder may be the city itself, or it may be a municipality, township, or even a village name, whenever more specific data is available.

Take for example the address:

     1111 Waterbury Court, 08757-4508

Through the Address Object, you are able to retrieve the associated city:

     1111 Waterbury Court,
     Toms River NJ, 08757-4508

But by using GeoCoder, we are able to find the specific town where this address is actually located – in this case, “Silver Ridge.”

To access the GeoCoder place information, simply call the GeoCode method and retrieve the place return properties:

    GeoObj.GeoCode(“08757”, “4508”);

    String PlaceName = GeoObj.PlaceName (Returns “Silver Ridge”)
    String PlaceCode = GeoObj.PlaceCode (Returns “3467665”)

II. County Information

Certain cities may sometimes have boundaries that overlap between adjacent counties. The USPS data will return the county information where the majority of the city falls into regardless of whether the address is actually located in the adjacent county, thus resulting in inaccurate data. In this case, we can use GeoCoder in order to retrieve the correct and accurate county information.

To access the GeoCoder county information, simply call the GeoCode method and retrieve the county return properties:

     GeoObj.GeoCode(“08757”, “4508”);

     String CountyFips = GeoObj.CountyFips

     (Returns “64029”)

     String CountyName = GeoObj.CountyName

     (Returns “Ocean”)

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