APAC E-Commerce Surges During Pandemic, Fraud Spikes Too

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Ecommerce is probably the only sector that has seen growth amid the COVID-19 pandemic. We’re shopping for everything from groceries to clothes and appliances online. It’s not just millennials that are shopping online, even those who have never used a debit card to shop before are experimenting with online shopping.… Read More

[WEBINAR] The Importance of Knowing Your Customer

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Ecommerce volume is soaring—and the holidays will drive demand even higher. It’s more important than ever before to understand your website’s audience and avoid the problems that come from inadequate order verification.

In this webinar, we’ll draw from Digital Commerce 360 data and news reporting to discuss how retailers can avoid the problems that come from insufficient knowledge of their customers—as individuals.… Read More

Improving your eCommerce game during COVID-19

Melissa UK Team | Address Quality, Address Standardization, Address Verification, Data Quality, Ecommerce

COVID-19 has put a halt to our economy. However, many sectors are improvising to survive during the pandemic to keep business flowing, or at least partly flowing.

If you are reading this article you are probably aware of the current state our beloved retail industry that’s taking a massive blow; particularly negatively impacting on those that operate in the high street.… Read More

Melissa gibt Tipps für Erfolg im E-Commerce

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Anbieter von Datenqualitäts-, Identitätsprüfungs- und Adressmanagementlösungen veröffentlicht neues kostenloses Whitepaper

Köln. „Das Geheimnis des Erfolgs für internationalen E-Commerce“ – unter diesem Titel hat Melissa ein neues Whitepaper herausgegeben. Darin informieren die Experten für Datenqualitäts-, Identitätsprüfungs- und Adressmanagementlösungen auf 14 Seiten, wie falsche Adressen, Onlinebetrug und weitere Faktoren das E-Commerce-Geschäft beeinträchtigen.… Read More

Identity: A two-way relationship between businesses and consumers

Melissa UK Team | Biometrics, Customer Identities, Ecommerce, Fraud Prevention

We have come a long way from filling cards with customer details, to outbound cold calling a list of numbers to upsell products (which tends to still happen).

The rise of technology has uplifted the extensive use of digital databases & CRM systems, where many industries utilised this platform for better customer contact, service, and marketing to current and potential customer emails used for engagement efforts.… Read More