How to Do It All with Melissa

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Melissa, you can do it all – see for yourself with the brand new Solutions
Catalog. This catalog showcases products to transform your people data (names,
addresses, emails, phone numbers) into accurate, actionable insight. Our
products are in the Cloud or available via easy plugins and APIs. We provide
solutions to power Know Your Customer initiatives, improve mail deliverability
and response, drive sales, clean and match data, and boost ROI.
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Building Your Business with Data Quality

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Your contact data is valuable, but do you know if it’s up to
its full potential? The quality of your data decreases without the proper
maintenance. As a matter of fact, 50% of databases deteriorate after only two
years. The bottom line is that your data’s quality affects your business
decisions and communications.

Here are 5 things you can do to ensure the quality of your

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How to Ensure Quality in Your Data’s Life Cycle

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It is inevitable for data to go bad after a certain period
of time. As a matter of fact, as much as up to 2% of records in customer
databases become obsolete in just one month. There are various different things
that cause this to happen including marriage, job change, divorce, or death.

This ends up affecting your database and therefore the
information being used for analytics, communications, and more.… Read More

The Solution to Large Quantities of Data

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Every successful business scales and grows. As a result, so
does its database. And as data grows so do problems including: faulty customer
entry, breakdowns in data migration, disparate upstream legacy, and big data
systems. All of these problems lead to one thing: bad data. High quality data
is key to uncovering meaningful insights and new opportunities. Bad data, on
the other hand, poses missed opportunities and bad decisions.… Read More

New! Data Profile & Monitor Video

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The first step to gaining more business value from your customer data is to analyze the data you have, and determine what condition it’s in. Data profiling from Melissa Data helps you discover existing weaknesses in your database so you can create and enforce business rules on incoming records to maintain data quality. 

Profiling is an important step in Melissa Data’s full spectrum solutions to empower full lifecycle data management. 
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