A Comparison of Microsoft Data Quality Services (Denali) vs. Melissa Data’s Data Quality Components for SSIS

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By Ira Whiteside

Recently Microsoft released a new Beta Release of SQL Server codenamed “Denali,” which included the Data Quality Services (DQS) feature. Here at Melissa Data, we are partners with Microsoft and also participate in the Azure Data Services Market for DQS providing Address Correction references.

Over the next several weeks, we intend to explore the new data quality services capabilities of the upcoming release of SQL Server codenamed Denali, Melissa Data provides additional components that accomplish data quality in the SQL Server and SQL Server Integration Services (SSIS) environment.… Read More

Measuring Yourself

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By Elliot King

Sometimes you just know you’re doing things badly. You send out a direct mail piece and you get all sorts of bounce backs. And sometimes you know you’re doing something well. The next direct mail piece gets a really high rate of return.

But an ad hoc, event-by-event assessment of performance generally is not good enough. Organizations need to measure themselves over time to determine how close they are to achieving a specific goal.… Read More

Is It Time to Dump That Data?

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By Elliot King

The cost of computer storage capacity is so low–and it seemingly has always been low compared to other parts of the information infrastructure–that many people tend to save information forever. While it is always dangerous to work from personal experience,

I know that my hard drive currently has a few files from 10 years ago that I will never look at again.… Read More