3 USPS Insider Tips for Effective Direct Mail

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Speaking as a panel member on “Maximizing Customer Engagement in Direct Mail” at the recent DMA conference, Carlton Shufflebarger, brand manager of direct mail for the USPS, shared tips to help mailers increase impact and response. Brittany Brouse reports on his latest mail tips, including “the best kept secret in the direct mail industry.”
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The Pros and Cons of Self-Mailers

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By Alan Sharpe
Business-to-business direct mail marketers have learned through testing that a letter in an envelope usually generates more sales and pulls more inquiries than a self-mailer will. Usually. 
Self-mailers are still effective at selling products and services and generating leads, particularly in the following cases:
* seminar invitations
* event announcements
* trade show booth traffic generation
* software upgrade offers
* mailings to prospects who do not have a mailroom screen their mail (barbershops and factory foremen, for example)
* mailings where you want the prospect to pass along the mailing to colleagues
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