Using Data Quality Tools for Classification

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By David Loshin

Hierarchical classification schemes are great for scanning through unstructured text for identifying critical pieces of information that can be mapped to an organized analytical profile. To enable this scanning capability, you will need two pieces of technology.

The first involves a text analysis methodology for scanning text and determining which character strings and phrases are meaningful and which ones are largely noise.… Read More

The Power of Auto-Completion: Address Object’s Cool New Feature

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By Allison Moon
Data Quality Analyst

In today’s e-commerce environment, Web forms or online shopping carts serve to capture valuable contact data, but many times this data can contain inconsistencies, missing or incorrect information.

Fortunately, Melissa Data offers a solution. With a partially entered address line and ZIP Code™, our new auto-complete feature in Address Object can retrieve all possible address entries from which a user can select from.… Read More

Melissa Data Highlights Data Quality Solutions at Enterprise Data World

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Melissa Data will demonstrate new “Golden Record” functionality in its MatchUp Component for SQL Server Integration Services (SSIS) at Enterprise Data World (EDW). MatchUp SSIS is a powerful tool for advanced matching and deduplication management. By integrating the Golden Record selection tool, MatchUp SSIS represents an industry breakthrough based on its ability to discern contact data information, and select the surviving record based on the level of quality of the information provided.… Read More

Classifying Data Quality Problems

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By Elliot King

Data quality is generally most fruitfully defined in the context of its use. Is the data good enough to allow the process with which it is associated to run efficiently and effectively? For example, is the mailing list you are using for a direct solicitation accurate enough that you can achieve your goals and not generate any unwanted and unanticipated negative consequences?
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How Good is Your Address Data? Are You Really Sure?

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What do you do when you’re faced with verifying and correcting international addresses? Melissa Data and Loqate tackle the issues that arise from different language and character sets, the over 130 address formats worldwide, and the many diverse sources of data. Find out how your customer retention, satisfaction and revenue can be impacted with better data quality; how global address verification and geocoding works; and much more!… Read More