Case Study: AirNet

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For many years, AirNet depended on applications from
external vendors for data enhancement, hygiene, and matching. This proved to be
a challenge when implementing its smartCommunicator product–an award-winning
communication portal that allows individuals, businesses, and agencies to share
information from diverse sources using a single, unified media platform. It is
a portal designed to effectively deliver messages to the company’s targeted

This is where the main challenge comes in: integrating
disparate data sources into a data-centric hub for the purposes of consumer and
constituent engagement. AirNet needed a solution that would help them gain a
single, accurate, and organized view of their customers by consolidating data
across different data sources. They also needed a strong technical support team
that would aid in the implementation of a data management solution, and provide
quick responses to any issue that would arise during the transition process.

AirNet decided to implement the Data Quality Components for
SQL Server -a complete enterprise platform that works within the SQL Server’s
Integration Services (SSIS) data flow to deliver a wide range of data
integration, transformation, and cleansing and enrichment functionality.

“Name, Address, GeoCoder, Phone, and Email verification
components, or transforms, are all put into action as each individual data
upload is scrubbed and merged in to a single, uniform data set. This creates a
single anchor record per individual from which our customers operate
multi-million-record mass communications strategies” said Jeff Averbeck,
president and CEO of AirNet.

Integrating the components into the organization’s workflow
was seamless. Averbeck added, “The solution’s existence within the SQL
Server Integration Services suite has enabled the company to build robust,
stable ETL tools -in many cases, customizing data transforms to the specific
needs of our clients.”

Utilizing Data Quality Components for SQL Server proved to
be a successful venture for AirNet. Visit our website to learn more about Data Quality for SQL Server!

 By Natalia Crawford