By Dean Rieck 
Here’s 30 more ways to buoy your direct mail response. Whether you’re creating a new direct mail campaign or updating an old one, you have an infinite variety of choices for improving response. 
1. Include all features and specifics in your brochure text.
2. Include complete ordering information in your brochure.
3. Test your package with no brochure.
4. Use a stand-alone order form. 
5. Restate your offer on the order form. 
6. Include an acceptance statement.
7. Make your order form easy to fill out and return. 
8. Highlight the deadline.
9. Make your order form look valuable.
10. Refer to the order form as something more valuable. 
11. Consider extra order forms for pass-alongs. 
12. Order something from yourself to discover how to make ordering easier. 
13. Offer a fax response option for businesses. 
14. Use your order form to highlight last-minute specials. 
15. Preprint your customer’s name and address to simplify ordering.
16. Restate your guarantee on the order form.
17. Offer a toll-free number for faster orders. 
18. Avoid a two-sided order form.
19. Use the back of your order form for support information only. 
20. Give clear, simple ordering directions. 
21. Include a BRE if you ask for confidential information. 
22. Pay the postage on reply cards.
23. Feature compelling testimonials.
24. Edit testimonials carefully and honestly. 
25. Prefer many short quotes over a few long quotes. 
26. Group testimonials to increase impact. 
27. Use names, titles, and locations to increase testimonial credibility.
28. Turn a good testimonial into a lift letter. 
29. Use a testimonial as a headline or benefit statement.
30. Show people using your product or service. 
—- Dean Rieck is president of Direct Creative, a full-service creative firm. E-mail: