Product Update – Global Address Verification WS – New Version

Melissa has just released the latest version of the Global Address Verification Web Service. Along with updating the reference data for all countries, we have worked to improve the speed of edge cases in our address engine which should greatly diminish the number of records that could trigger a hang in the engine.

Some other significant updates include:

  • Improved geocoding for Cote D’Ivoire (Ivory Coast), Barbados, Netherlands, Nigeria, Sri Lanka, & Turkey.
  • Switched to a new premium level data source that contains highly accurate street level information, new subpremise information & highly accurate rooftop level geocoding for the Netherlands.
  • Improved our data source to include much more extensive thoroughfare-level data for Nigeria.
  • Added a new high-quality data source & revamped our engine for that source for Turkey.
  • For the U.S., we changed the handing of two unique zip codes (12345 & 88888) based on customer data. We will no longer allow any & all input to code as valid (as per CASS specifications) but require a recognized street. This will improve data quality as we see many fake inputs using these postal codes.

For more information please explore:

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