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Market Effectively with Predictive Spam Trap Mailbox Flagging

In the digital marketing ecosystem, ensuring the quality of your email reputation is critical. Spam trap emails can tarnish your reputation and impede your campaign’s success for entire domains - the last thing you want is to be blocked by big providers like Gmail or Yahoo - stopping you from reaching millions of potential customers. 

How to Avoid Spam Traps

Melissa Data presents a new feature for our Global Email Web Service to protect your web reputation and ensure your marketing campaign’s success: predictive spam trap flagging. By flagging these “honeypot” emails designed to flag you as a spammer, you can avoid thousands of dollars lost from being blocked from sending to your clientele.

How Melissa Can Help

Melissa’s savvy Global Email users will have already been taking advantage of our domain-level spam trap flag (ES06) which will identify email addresses at spam trap domains. Start leveraging the new result code, ES36, to identify potential spam trap mailboxes at otherwise safe domains. Respecting both flags as problems to avoid is necessary and prudent to your long-term email campaign successes.

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact Tech Support at or call 1 (800) 800-6245 x4.



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