Personator Web Service

Beginning November 15, 2022, as Melissa continues to make further improvements to the Personator Web Service, we are introducing the addition of 2 new output fields to the API:

  • Melissa Identity Key (MIK)
  • Date Last Confirmed

Melissa Identity Key

The Melissa Identity Key (MIK) is a unique and persistent identifier for all individuals across the U.S., allowing for better indexing of your records. Due to the persistence of MIK numbers, individuals whose addresses have changed after moving will continue to have the same MIK number. The same applies for when they have a change in their demographics such as marital status, income, length of residence, etc. MIK numbers can also be used as a fast and easy way to identify duplicate individuals in your database by searching for repeated instances of the MIK key.

Date Last Confirmed

Personator continuously receives updates on its reference data to provide the latest information about individuals. By using the ‘Date Last Confirmed’ field, users can determine how new or old a record is based on how recently we received new information about the individual. Leverage this information to make better decisions about your data.

Please see this link for more information about the update and new implementation details.

Thank you for your attention to this update! If you have any questions or concerns, please contact Tech Support at or call 1 (800) 800-6245 x4.


The Melissa Team

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