Melissa makes major updates to PEP, Sanction and Watchlist checks

Melissa UK Team | United Kingdom

Melissa has announced a major update to its sanctions and global watchlists in response to the recent conflict in Ukraine.

The list, which contains worldwide sanctions data from sources such as the United Nations, EU, USA, and the UK, provides up-to-the-minute data on new sanctions announcements and can be accessed via Melissa’s electronic identity verification (eIDV) service.

The enhancement includes even more sanctions and watchlists from countries like Pakistan, Brazil, and China. You can see our full updated list of countries in our wiki here.

Melissa’s identity service also performs global checks on Politically Exposed Persons (PEP) and their relatives, and adverse media checks; enabling organisations to identify those who have potential negative regulatory, financial, or reputational consequences to their organisation, proving to be an important aspect at present.

You can find out more about What is a Politically Exposed Person here

You can find out more about Melissa’s PEP and sanctions screening service, which caters to AML checks and extensive identity verification for industry compliance.