Melissa launches a next-generation data quality platform – Unison – in the UK

Melissa UK Team | 2022, United Kingdom

Easy-to-use no code, no integration SaaS platform simplifies DQ efforts

Melissa, a leading provider of global data quality, identity verification, and address management solutions, today announced the UK launch of Unison, its next-generation data quality platform. The Unison interface brings together Melissa’s rich set of data quality transformations, including data standardisation, validation, and enrichment, to deliver high-quality information throughout an organisation.

“With customer contact data decaying at around 25 per cent annually, this next-generation data quality platform has already proven itself in the US and is set to provide significant benefits to our clients here in the UK as well,” said Barley Laing, UK Managing Director at Melissa. “By listening to our customers’ needs and tapping into our many years of experience in data management, Melissa designed Unison as a comprehensive, yet easy-to-use, platform that mimics the steps of the data management workflow. Its fully customisable interface is ideal for IT and business stakeholders tasked with enterprise data stewardship and governance.”

Available securely via the web or on-premise, Unison features best-in-class parsing, matching, profiling, and cleansing. No coding or integration is required; users simply access the browser-based data quality console which offers high-speed and scalable processes adaptable to end-user requirements.

Unison can be deployed to cleanse and verify names, postal addresses, email addresses, and phone numbers from more than 240 countries and territories. Costly duplicate data can be removed using the platform’s advanced proprietary fuzzy matching functionality, while the data profiling component identifies data issues which can be tackled in order of priority.

Unison currently supports Oracle, SQL Server, MySQL databases, and a variety of deliminated flat files to deliver address, email, and phone verification, and geocoding for UK, US and Canadian records. Learn more about Unison with a product demo here.

About Melissa

Melissa has over 37 years of experience in delivering global data quality and identity verification solutions to businesses of all sizes, worldwide. This involves helping organisations to improve data quality from the point of capture to enhance the user experience and eliminate failed deliveries.

Melissa has helped over 20,000 organisations globally to unlock accurate customer data, including BBC, Bank of America, BAE Systems, Siemens, GSK, Microsoft, MetaBank, Caterpillar, IHS Markit, & NHS.

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