CalOptima Deploys Data Warehouse with Melissa’s Help

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Find out how CalOptima successfully deployed a data warehouse with the help of Melissa’s easy-to-integrate Data Quality Components for SQL Server to turn such a tremendous undertaking into a simple task.

CalOptima, a county organized health system, serves more than 400,000 members, making it the second largest health insurer in Orange County, CA. CalOptima embarked on a mission to migrate its membership data into a single data warehouse in hopes of improving communications, better serving members and growing its business.

A main focal initiative of theirs was cleaning and verifying mailing and home address information to cut waste associated with undeliverable-as-addressed mail – luckily, they chose Melissa’s 30 years of contact data expertise to help in this mission.

Melissa Sponsors PASS Summit Session on Optimizing Your Data Quality Business

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Free Lunch and Learn Session Guides Data Quality Pros in Applying Tools, Accelerating Analytics, and Monetizing Data Cleansing

Rancho Santa Margarita, CALIF – October 23, 2018 – Melissa, a leading provider of global contact data quality and identity verification solutions, today announced its PASS Summit session, “Data Quality: What’s in it For Me?” This free lunch and learn session is geared to industry professionals such as Microsoft MVPs and other credentialed industry experts and community leaders, and will help them uncover techniques for applying the right data quality tools for their clients. Data quality professionals are invited to join fellow consultants and enthusiasts in an interactive discussion of real-world data quality challenges, benefits, and creative applications – from monetizing data cleansing to saving time on mundane data prep to driving more meaningful analytics. Click here to register for this free luncheon session, slated for Wednesday, November 7, 2018 at noon Pacific.

Melissa will also be demonstrating its tools and technologies at PASS Summit booth #510, November 7-9, 2018, at Washington State Convention Center in Seattle. Booth demos will offer insight on Melissa’s MVP (Most Valuable Professional) program, a collaborative industry forum offering full access to Melissa’s core data quality tools for Microsoft technologies, including both full and community editions of  SQL Server® Integration Services (SSIS), .NET™, Dynamics CRM, and Excel®. Melissa MVPs are granted a free, non-commercial license to Melissa’s core products for contact data verification and receive cash incentives for referring new customers. Members include consultants, architects, analysts, database administrators and others; all are encouraged to share bios, credentials and information on industry events within the Melissa MVP network.

Click here to access a free trial or learn more about SSIS data quality tools for address, email, and phone verification, record consolidation, data profiling, and data enrichment. To connect with members of Melissa’s data quality team outside the PASS Summit event, visit or call 1-800-MELISSA.

Melissa Data Enables Active Data Quality for SQL Server Integration Services (SSIS)

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Full Spectrum Data Quality Toolkit Enhances Customer Data in Real-Time; 

Includes Advance Look at New Generalized Cleansing Component for All Types of Data

Rancho Santa Margarita, CALIF – October 19, 2016 – Melissa
, a
leading provider of global contact data quality solutions, today announced
active data quality tools and services for
SQL Server Integration Services
. Database
administrators (DBAs) and SSIS developers can cleanse, standardize, and enrich customer
data in real-time, capitalizing on tools that access multi-sourced, constantly
updated reference datasets. These full spectrum data quality add-ons assure only
accurate, enhanced data enters the system, with capabilities including global
address, name, phone and email verification, ID verification, move updating,
and firmographic enrichment.

Data’s active data quality tools are also expanding to include all data types;
SSIS users can request
here a free trial of the company’s new
Generalized Cleansing Component, a breakthrough in integrating different types
of cleansing rules scripted into a single tool. Features such as search and
replace, or a range of cleansing, standardizing, and reformatting capabilities
are included, as well as the ability to create customized triggering rules to
standardize any type of data.

data quality recognizes that customer data is not static, operating in
real-time to assure accurate, actionable customer data,” said Bud Walker, vice
president of enterprise sales and strategy, Melissa Data. “This approach relies
on smart, sharp tools to ensure data quality all along the data stream, creating
business value that will extend to other data types with our new Generalized
Cleansing Component.”

addition to SSIS, Melissa Data works closely with the range of Microsoft
technologies including .NET and Excel, providing flexible data quality tools to
support varied enterprise requirements. Click
here to download a free trial of Melissa
Data’s comprehensive data quality toolkit available for
integration with SSIS. For a demonstration, visit Melissa Data at PASS Summit
in Seattle, Booth #609, October 24-28; or call 1-800-MELISSA.

Global Address Integration for SSIS

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Is your business growing internationally? It’s inevitable that you will encounter data quality problems complicated by the shipping needs of clients outside the United States. The data quality of address information, here, is key to that success. Remove duplicates, save on postal, shipping and product
costs, and find the ability to perform effective business intelligence. Melissa Data’s Global Verify Component for use in Microsoft SQL Server
Integration Services can help you reach global address data quality. 

Address data differs worldwide, which means that you can’t
force international addresses into U.S. address formats. One way to approach
this would be to customize the way your input forms are laid out while making
the input easy for the user. This can increase the effectiveness of
the data you collect.

When you install Global Verify Component into your SSIS
server, you will be able to apply data quality to international addresses. From
there, you will map the input in the component based on the fields you

When it comes to output, there are
three types of outputs designs. After selecting one, you input the column name.
You also have the option to customize the output. One of the most important
options provided is the Output Script. That is where you can specify what
language/character set you want the output to be. Then you have the
Pass-through columns. These simply allow you to pass through from your input
source any data you want to keep unchanged.

Melissa Data alerts you with
results codes; which alert you to the status and errors of each record. There are also output filters. These allow output flow into different
streams based on a number of customizable conditions. With these outputs, you
can direct different types of verification to different destinations and handle
them accordingly.

Melissa Data’s Global Verify Component makes cleaning and
validating your international addresses in SSIS simple and effective. Read our whitepaper: Global Address Data Integration in SSIS or download a free trial of Global Verify Component.

By Natalia Crawford