Find the Businesses You’re Looking for

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Business Search U.S. – an API to Find the Businesses You’re Looking for

Business Search API, the latest update to BusinessCoder, finds and identifies businesses within the US, even in cases where incomplete information is provided. The product also prevents bad business records from infiltrating your database.

Search for a particular business using the following input fields:

  • Company Name
  • Address Information
  • Phone Number
  • Stock Ticker
  • Web Address
  • Melissa Address Key
  • Melissa Enterprise Key

None of these fields are mandatory when sending a request to our service.… Read More

Research Any Neighborhood Without Actually Going There with TopConnector

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the TopConnector app, researching any U.S. neighborhood is incredibly easy.
Just touch the buildings you see on the map to get data about the properties
and their owners. It’s as easy as that! TopConnector gives unlimited access to
data on over 120 million residential and commercial properties, nationwide. No
account and membership is required to use the app.


  • Easily find
    out what properties are in the area, their values and characteristics.
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