Senate Green Lights Postal Reform – But Is It Enough?

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Postal Reform legislation passed the Senate this month, but according to the
Postal Service (and who should know better?) S. 1789 falls disappointedly short
of restoring the USPS to financial viability.

For the past two years, the Postmaster General and the Board of Governors of the
USPS have worked diligently preparing a comprehensive five-year plan to
profitability that would enable revenue generation and achieve cost reductions
of $20 billion by 2015 – restoring the Postal Service to long-term growth. The
USPS is currently losing $25 million a day and has a debt of more than $13

Following the two days of sessions it took to vote on all the amendments in the
bill, PMG Patrick Donahoe stated: “Based on our initial analysis of the
legislation passed today, losses would continue in both the short and long term.
If this bill were to become law, the Postal Service would be back before the
Congress within a few years requesting additional legislative reform.”

So where do we go from here? To the House of Representatives with an entirely
new bill – H.R. 2309 – and with their own ideas for Postal Reform.

In the meantime?
Take a look here at S.1789 to see exactly what the Senators voted for, and
, and then review the USPS

Plan to Profitability – 5 Year Business Plan
… It’s a good read. After
that … well, we’ll keep you posted.