How to Avoid Email Blacklists?

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You’ve designed a great email campaign and everything seems to be running smoothly. That is until you see your statistics and notice a very high bounce rate. It is a scary thought because not only is your message not being delivered, you have probably been blacklisted!

There are many reasons why your domain may have been blacklisted and there are ways to get your brand out of it.… Read More

What to Expect in 2023: Data Privacy, Data Quality, and More

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2022 has seen a sharp increase in the use of data-driven models for businesses. The data management and data analytics industry has grown tremendously. Given the current digital landscape, it doesn’t look like this pace is going to slow down any time soon.

As data becomes more important for decision-making, so does managing data quality and maintaining data privacy. Here are a few trends you can expect to see in 2023.… Read More

How to Build and Grow Your Data Quality Team

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This is the age of data analytics. From establishing baselines and goals to measuring success, data plays a critical role across business operations. Unfortunately, not all data collected by organizations is put to use.

According to a 2020 data report, 68% of enterprise data goes unused. There are many factors contributing to this – data illiteracy, poor quality, siloed storage, etc.… Read More

The Value of Data Quality in Machine Learning

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Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning are gradually making their way from research applications to solving real-world problems. The applicability ranges from healthcare and industrial logistics to marketing and product design. That said, the results are relevant and dependable only if the data fed into the Machine Learning models meets certain quality standards.

Poor quality data skews results making the model unreliable.… Read More

How to Find And Avoid Spam Trap Emails

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The risk of falling into a spam trap is probably your marketing team’s biggest fear when sending cold emails. Spam traps are valid, deliverable email addresses that are hard to identify. They look like any normal email address but are used exclusively to ‘trap’ unwanted emails.

Having spam traps on your mailing list is usually the result of poor data hygiene.… Read More