Is Your Address Validation Process Leading to Shipping Damages?

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It’s frustrating when an order is returned not because the customer didn’t like it but because the delivery address was wrong. There are many buildings and streets that share names. There are even a few cities that share names. Did you know there’s a Melbourne in Australia as well as Florida?

The customer may be the one who entered an incomplete or incorrect address but when they don’t get their order delivered on time, it’s your company that gets a bad name.… Read More

The Need For Data Quality And Data Enrichment As A Service In Real-Time

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Business leaders in every industry understand the importance of customer data. Every time a customer interacts with the brand, their data is absorbed into the system. Leaders of successful businesses also know that it isn’t the quantity of data collected that matters as much as data quality.

This is where the challenge is. Low-quality data can impact everything from customer relationships to decision-making and marketing.… Read More

Unverified Data: The Hidden Virus In Your CRM

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Like viruses, poor-quality data can stay hidden until the damage is done. According to recent research, poor data quality can cost organizations an average of $15 million each year. The longer poor-quality data stays in your system, the higher the losses attributed to it.

Consider this example – a typographic error in entering customer records leads to Mr. Jones’s email address being noted as… Read More

Identity Verification Procedures Used By The Top 5 Crypto Exchanges

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Cryptocurrency is relatively young in the financial ecosystem but it has grown rapidly. As of 2021, there were over 300 million crypto users in the world. Many businesses have started accepting cryptocurrency as payment but most investors still use cryptocurrency to build assets akin to those held in the stock markets. As acceptability rises, so does the need for cryptocurrency exchanges to protect themselves and their clients.… Read More

Why Street Address Validation Is So Important

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In today’s world where customers don’t always meet the buyers when making a purchase,  It’s largely an anonymous experience and brands must rely on the information buyers share about themselves. The trouble is, buyers may knowingly or unknowingly submit false information. Entering the wrong home address can cause many troubles – for example, orders may go undelivered resulting in a poor shopping experience for the customer and financial losses for the retailer.… Read More