The Value of Data Quality in Machine Learning

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Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning are gradually making their way from research applications to solving real-world problems. The applicability ranges from healthcare and industrial logistics to marketing and product design. That said, the results are relevant and dependable only if the data fed into the Machine Learning models meets certain quality standards.

Poor quality data skews results making the model unreliable.… Read More

How to Find And Avoid Spam Trap Emails

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The risk of falling into a spam trap is probably your marketing team’s biggest fear when sending cold emails. Spam traps are valid, deliverable email addresses that are hard to identify. They look like any normal email address but are used exclusively to ‘trap’ unwanted emails.

Having spam traps on your mailing list is usually the result of poor data hygiene.… Read More

Real-Time Email Verification Use Cases

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Almost every adult has an email address. This makes it one of the most effective means of communication between companies and their customers. 50% of all media planners use email marketing. And, why not, email marketing is budget friendly and offers an impressive $36 ROI against every $1 spent.

There are many ways companies build an email database – surveys, free eBook downloads, tutorials, newsletters, contests and so on.… Read More

Drip Email Marketing – How to Get Started – With Examples to Inspire You

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Drip emails are an important part of every organization’s marketing strategy. They schedule interactions with customers to strengthen your relationship with them. A drip email campaign is basically a series of automated emails that can be personalized to the customer’s name and the action that triggers the email. Drip emails can be sent when customers sign up for an account, when a shopping cart is abandoned, after placing an order, etc.… Read More

Big Data In Retail: Common Benefits And 4 Real-Life Examples

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From defining prices to forecasting demand and deciding what would be the best time to offer customers a discount, big data is revolutionizing the retail space. Did you know that product recommendation algorithms are responsible for 35% of Amazon’s sales? They’re not alone.

Both offline and online retailers are adopting data-first strategies to understand customer profiles, map their needs to products and devise marketing strategies that increase sales and profits.… Read More