Melissa Celebrates 35 Years in Enterprise Data Quality

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Unsurpassed Domain Knowledge and Technology Expertise Fuel Global Role in Improving Data for Analytics, CRM, Commerce, and Compliance

Rancho Santa Margarita, CALIF – January 8, 2020Melissa, a leading provider of global address, name, email, phone, and identity verification solutions, is celebrating its 35th anniversary with renewed commitment to continued growth and enterprise data quality leadership. The company’s longevity can be attributed to decades of address expertise and deep domain knowledge that builds the foundation for global intelligence – everything from demographic, business, location and identity data. It is this foundation that empowers risk management, data-driven engagement, analytics, insight, and compliance.

“This significant milestone demonstrates how Melissa products and solutions meet the rising data intelligence mandates throughout the world,” said Ray Melissa, president and founder, Melissa. “We’ve been around for decades because we understand the needs of the marketplace and we take action. We invest in developing smart data quality solutions that give enterprises a comprehensive competitive edge.”

Addressing the most pressing data issues facing global businesses, the company has made available the 2020 Melissa Solutions Catalog, free to download as an updated resource on the importance of good data, along with tips and guidance for professionals at every step of the data chain. This handy guide includes insight on how to address the full spectrum of data quality from point-of-entry ID verification to deduping, as well as real-world cautions against the pitfalls of bad data and its negative impact to any business.

Melissa’s worldwide footprint supports a global clientele with sales and service from key locations in the United States, United Kingdom, Germany, Australia, Singapore, and India. To connect with members of Melissa’s global intelligence team for support and solutions, visit or call 1-800-MELISSA.

About Melissa
Since 1985, Melissa has specialized in global intelligence solutions to help organizations unlock accurate data for a more compelling customer view. More than 10,000 clients worldwide in arenas such as retail, education, healthcare, insurance, finance, and government, rely on Melissa for full spectrum data quality and ID verification software, including data matching, validation, and enhancement services to gain critical insight and drive meaningful customer relationships. For more information or free product trials, visit or call 1-800-MELISSA (635-4772).

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There’s a Big Elephant in Your Business – Name it and Tame it!

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There is an elephant in every business – and it’s trampling company profits, scaring away customers and blocking valuable insights. What’s your company’s elephant? Is it returned mail? Fraudulent transactions? Bad business decisions? Beware, these problems all stem from one big beast – bad address data.

It’s time to address the elephant. Effective communications, predictive analytics, fraud prevention and ultimately, your bottom line, all depend on how well you name and tame your beast. Let’s see how facing address problems head on can help conquer company pain-points and lead your business into a more profitable year.

Behold, the Bottom Line

77% of companies believe their bottom line is negatively affected by bad data. The other 23% may be in denial. Think about your company’s business initiatives – what does undelivered mail cost you? What about missed opportunities to connect with clients? How many man hours are spent on cumbersome fraud prevention? Or, how impossible is it to find key insights within your data?

Let’s try to quantify these elephants. Consider the “1-10-100 Rule”. The $1 is the “prevention cost” – the amount it costs to verify the accuracy of a record at the point-of-entry. This is the least expensive way to ensure data captured from the start is clean and validated – before it enters your database. The $10 is the “correction cost” – the amount it costs to clean bad data in batch, after it enters your database. The increased cost reflects the negative impact to your business the longer the issue is left unresolved.

And finally, $100 is the “failure cost” – the increased amount represents the costs businesses will pay if nothing was done to clean their bad data. It’s a failure at this point because it’s too late to do anything – a complete lost opportunity.

Simply put, bad data means higher costs and lower profits.

Verify & Update Addresses to Personalize Communications

It’s common for customers to provide the wrong address – albeit intentionally, or by accidentally mistyping information. But even when an address is entered correctly, it can go stale over time. In fact, 40 million people in the U.S. alone, or 14% of the population, move each year.

If you want to maintain communication with customers and prospects, an address verification process should be in place. Melissa’s Global Address Verification solution can verify and standardize addresses at point of entry for more than 240 countries. And if you have outdated address data, you can utilize a change-of-address service to update addresses in batch.

Fill in Missing Pieces for a Complete Customer Profile

Having correct customer addresses not only means direct mail reaches the intended recipient, but also helps you gain insight for improved communications. Melissa’s Data Append Services take a small piece of your customer’s profile and create a whole picture by filling in the blanks. From a single address – a customer’s full name, phone number and email address can be added into their profile. Reaching customers via their preferred method of communication, as well as creating multi-touch campaigns, are proven strategies that boost response rates.

An encyclopedia of information about a single person, company or an entire household, demographics (psychographics, business firmographics and property data) can also be added. With a complete picture of your customer, creating more effective and personalized messaging becomes easier. You’ll also be able to identify unique attributes of your best customers, so you can micro-target prospects just like them.

Make Analytics More Impactful with Location Intelligence

Business decisions based on faulty analytics can cause lost sales – or more long-lasting effects like reputational damage. Yet accurate address data can be easily transformed into location intelligence that leads to smarter choices. Melissa’s GeoCoder® helps leverage the power of clean addresses by converting them into exact longitude/latitude coordinates.

Those points can be plotted on a map to help you recognize geographic patterns that would normally go undetected. That information can be crossed referenced with key demographics and used to develop targeted campaigns for clusters of prospects that have similar attributes.

GeoCoder also provides information like census tract/block number, voting district or country name with FIPS code to help optimize route planning and resource allocation, utilities management and risk assessment.

Other additional benefits of geocoding – improved logistics, decreased shipping costs, the ability to power retail store location and local search lookups, and more precise targeted marketing.

Fight Fraud – the Easy Way

Having an identity verification process in place hinders money-laundering schemes, identity theft, chargebacks and many other forms of fraud. But most processes are time consuming for the company and the customer.

Melissa’s Personator® Web Service verifies identity by confirming the given name matches the address in real-time, and more. With Personator, you can easily tailor the service to your specific sign-up process and risk management requirements to ensure fast onboarding or e-commerce checkout while still protecting against fraud and money laundering. Personator also ensures compliance in the areas of Anti-Money Laundering (AML), Politically Exposed Persons (PEP) and Bank Secrecy Act (BSA).

Name it and Tame it

The first step towards taming the elephant is to name it – determine what’s costing you money, clients and insight. Global Address Verification is a perfect start. It will verify and standardize international addresses at point-of-entry so you can increase ROI, reduce fraud and realize better business decisions.

After 34 years of data quality and address management expertise, Melissa knows it all starts with a clean address. We’ve helped tens of thousands of organizations around the world realize the true potential in their data by first cleaning up outdated and inaccurate addresses. Then, we can assist in transforming your address data into comprehensive customer profiles, fraud prevention initiatives and predictive analytics to drive better business decisions.

Ready to name and tame your elephant?

This article was originally published in the Orange County Business Journal – Tech & Cyber Security Solutions on June 24, 2019. Visit for more information.

Age Verification and Beyond for Online Gambling

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Online gambling today

Online gambling or as the new phase given, now being called “gaming” has had an overtake approach to young adults. As we see that these addictive mobile apps are drawing “punters” in for their weekly or even daily fix of sports betting. A report shows that these savvy and quite addictive sports betting apps are taking control of many individuals. This have resulted in a soaring £15 billion dollar industry, some lucky ones would consider it another source of income, at the high risk of losing it all.

In my experience being able to register and open an account is quite an effortless and simple process, just your personal details and your choice of card for payment. Not to say someone who is the under the age of 18 could provide a fake date of birth. At that age who wouldn’t.

Since the rise of the digital age, the internet has become more and more accessible for minors. Reports state that almost 82% of children between the ages of 10 and 17 have access to the internet. As mentioned above gaming and gambling now resemble the same texture, subsequently exposing “minors” to the attractive “easy money” slogans & fancy colourful marketing display. The UKs gambling commission highlighted an alarming figure, which of the number of children participating on these betting platforms has reached a skyrocketing figure of 400,000. Majority of this is believed to be children under the age of 16.

Are parents to blame for this outcome? The amount of transparency that’s gifted on today’s smartphones and its marketplace for apps, it’s hard to keep track on what your children could be doing behind their 4 digit pass code… none the less, there a have been implementations made by gambling organisations to decrease the servery of the above issue.

As we know being over the age of 18 to gamble online is a must, all betting apps must abide by compliance having an age verification system in place, prompting customers to verify their identity until they can withdraw their funds.

Age Verification allows an organisation to:

  • Confirm and validate a person’s Identity
  • Check that the person is of legal age to gamble
  • Abide by the compliance standards set by law
  • Prevent relevant content from being seen by persons underage

Age Verification & Biometric Scanning – The perfect combo

Employing the above metrics of age verification, depending on their nature, is very much sufficient enough for almost every organisation’s compliance needs, but as we are seeing a more lucrative and demanding process changing within the jurisdiction of the gambling industry, an additional layer of security has been seen to complete a further authentication method.

From a gambling scenario, the identity of a person is established in the second stage of opening an account, while still being able to actually explore around, the user cannot perform any gambling activities until the verification process is complete, which entails the submission of 3 documents, your passport, drivers’ licence and usually a proof of address. While the feature embedded on the platforms is to identity the persons age, there is no issue with the inner validity of the person in question, which only age verification will enable the suitability, and also risk of an individual to perform activities on the platform with potentially stolen documents.

This rapid ever changing industry needs more than just age verification, ideally suited to be employed within the final stages of the whole identity authentication process… but what’s missing is the initial metric to characterise and automatically recognise ones live identity through different alternations, effectively hitting all points of the “know your customer” phase. Foreseeing the current inclination of uploading your documents and having ones “KYC” information extracted & parameters compared against each other for a vital match. With many issues arising in the world of gambling, not to say just underage access, some providers are now ensuring a further step to security by implanting biometric verification. A solution that endeavours artificial technology and machine learning to verify a person though a selfie upload. This adds another stage to the whole KYC verification process, being able to scan ones primary ID document to extract crucial information, but additionally use the power of biometric facial recognition to compare the picture of the document with the persons selfie upload to verify a person in real time for a more secure “vital match”. The further fraud mitigation brings forward a positive match between the two evolving images, one from the ID document and the other and one provided in real-time.

Taking it one step further

Over the coming time, digital identity verification has dramatically improved, enabling the detection of   human presence has qualified organisations from all different sectors to meet the demanding requirements of their industry compliance.

This detection of human-presence is ensured by Melissa’s Identity Solution. A solution that brings forward the entire KYC process of real time Facial Character Verification & Age Verification.  Spoofing fraud attacks are becoming more common in today’s world, scammers have become just as savvy as our compliance reliant software solutions, video playback, 2D images and realistic facial masks are a few ways that fraudsters have used to access documents, company data and high profile accounts. In order to control the arising issue of underage gambling and combat fraud on a much greater scale, gambling platforms must look to advocating more modern Identity verification solutions.

Facial Biometrics and Liveness check allows an organisation to:

  • Capture and extract crucial data from over 2000 ID documents
  • Implement AI powered facial recognition to identity comparisons between the stored image and live image
  • Liveness check to confirm that the person is real and not a static image, checks for eye movement and proof of life.

As mentioned above, the techniques incorporated into the more modern solutions of biometric and liveness detection checks run off AI powered machine learning for an accurate 3D analysis of a person’s face. This is what Melissa can deliver via its proof of live check, accruing eye movement, legitimate presence of the person and detection of any facial spoofing.

In summary

The gambling industry has soared in the new ages of digital transparency, the lucrative sector seeing its figures almost triple past decade. As this type of leisure brings an addictive nature of a quick fix to instant earnings, the growing number of young users it attracts will continuously cause social disturbance and displacement within the commission’s placements.

In order to control the amount rising issues of underage minors and evolving fraudulent attempts, online sport betting, casinos and other platforms need to look towards innovation and employ right identity verification solutions to enable a safe, controlled & compliant friendly process.