Your Basket of Unsortables

Your Basket of Unsortables

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 When you’re looking to reduce business costs, look to your
marketing mailings. Many things can go wrong with an address to make it
unsortable–or even undeliverable.
Unfortunately, unsorted mail does not qualify for the important postal
discounts which you’re entitled too. Don’t throw the baby out with the
bathwater, your direct mail campaigns are salvageable with a little help from
Melissa Data.

First, here are some common address errors:

  • Addressee’s Street Address Errors
  • Missing address line or street name
  • Missing or incorrect P.O. Box™
  • Incorrect or missing ZIP Code™
  • Change of address on file 
  • No such or incorrect apartment, suite, etc.
  • Missing or incorrect street directional or suffix
  • No such rural route number/rural route box
  • Rural route address change to city-type address
  • Incorrect or missing city and/or state 

What this means is that an address doesn’t have enough
information to presort, and as mentioned, only presorted mail qualifies for
those important discounts. So then, how to update your data and attain presort

  1. First-Class Mail® requires a mandatory quantity
    of 500 pieces or more 
  2. Standard Mail® requires a mandatory quantity of
    200+ pieces or 50lbs in a mailing 
  3. Every business needs access to PAVE™

Learn about PAVE from the USPS:

PAVE (Presort Accuracy, Validation, and Evaluation) program is a process
designed in cooperation with the mailing industry to evaluate presort software
and determine its accuracy in sorting address files according to Domestic Mail
Manual (DMM) standards.


Luckily, there’s an easy way to achieve perfect presort status.
Melissa Data provides you the key to automate your mail room:

·      MAILERS+4
is an affordable, easy-to-use postal automation and bulk mail software program
that includes real-time USPS® NCOALink® and
Canada Post NCOA® Move-Update processing. When you have
problems like the ones listed above, MAILERS+4 will verify and standardize your
addresses, dedupe lists, and presort all of your mailings to gain the discounts
you deserve.

·      Presort
is a custom presort program to complement your current mail
processing system. When you need to maximize your postal processing speed and
your productivity choose the software that qualifies your mailings for lowest
automation and non-automation presort rates. 

Both MAILERS+4 and Presort Object are PAVE Gold Certified. Learn more about mail
deliverability or visit our website
to see what Melissa Data can do for you. 

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