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Reduce Fraud and Data Entry Errors with Full Contact Authentication

Reduce Fraud and Data Entry Errors with Full Contact Authentication

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Melissa Data recently launched Personator – a flagship data quality Web service designed to provide instant identity verification and fraud prevention for e-commerce and call center applications.

Personator compares incoming customer and prospect records against multi-sourced data sets – including telecom data, USPS datasets, title and deed information, financials and GIS – to confirm that a name matches an address, corrects and updates address, telephone and email information.

Personator can also append missing contact information, such as address type (business or residential), if the property has been vacant for more than 90 days, and if the address is missing a suite or apartment number – critical pieces of information that increases accuracy by ensuring a valid and correct link between the data and identity of individual customer contacts.

Benefits to using Personator:
• Ensures address data is correct and matches the name before processing a credit card or filing a document
• Get addresses right the first time to reduce costs
• Verify contact data to maintain communication with valued customers

Two Levels of Service to Heighten Level of Accuracy

Personator offers two levels of service – a Check feature that allows overall improvement of contact records through data parsing and corrections. Personator’s advanced address correction (AAC) technology allows more aggressive corrections and appends to address data.

Personator’s Verify feature determines whether the different elements of a record truly correlate to the same individual. Specific data can be nominated as the centric record (for instance, a postal address or an email address) providing an effective means to determine whether other contact data elements correlate.

Personator is flexible and cloud-based, supporting multiple protocols such as SOAP, XML, REST, and JSON.

To request a free trial of Personator, click here.

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