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Email Validation: the backbone of every email marketing campaign

Email Validation: the backbone of every email marketing campaign

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Business and consumers rely heavily on emails, when it comes to communicating with each other. Since email messaging is an integral part of every business’ communication channel, it has become one of the most important communication tools within the business world. With this said and done, there is no denying the fact that email marketing has become a high level priority for every business alike.

Despite the inherent importance of email marketing, many businesses don’t give too much credit to the requirements of email validation. Even though businesses hold email marketing on a pedestal, not enough thought is given to the concept of email validation. Does this lead to the establishment of the fact that email validation is not as important as email marketing?

The answer is no; it’s more important than email marketing. In reality, if the facts are to be believed, one would realize that email validation is the backbone of any and every email marketing campaign, irrespective of the nature of the business. Imagine a situation wherein you continue sending emails to your potential customers, without even knowing if they are being delivered to the intended recipients in the first place. Dead end emails will just clog up your marketing queue, thereby leading to chaos and inefficiency within your email marketing strategies.

Why is email validation important within any email marketing campaign?

Focus on the customers who want your email: When you are segregating the customers, it’s important to demarcate the right customers who would be the intended recipients. At the time of understanding the customer base, it’s imperative to weed out the non-potential customers, who might not even want to receive business related emails. By weeding out dead email ids and unwanted customer ids, your email marketing campaigns can be more target based, and can be directed at getting the best out of your campaigns.

Improving ROI and saving money: Every business is interested in getting a good return on their investments, while saving money by making the right investments. The idea is to be able to make appropriate investments in the right campaigns, so that there are no bad customers who might prove to be bad customers in the long run. Email marketing and email validation go hand in hand; simply put, a business can target the right customer base at the time of performing their intended market study.

Better data insights: Bounced emails will not give your business the required insights to grow in the long run. On the contrary, if your business is getting the right contacts and right customer hits, it can help improve the rate of contact and in turn, shape the marketing campaign to get a better idea about their investments. Through validated emails, a business can study the mode of customer contacts, their responses, their needs, and understand what’s required to improve the services being delivered to the customers.

Enhanced reputation with search engines: By sending out validated emails, businesses can rank higher with search engines. If a specific email address keeps triggering invalidated emails, chances are the operating search engines will black list the email address and start marking all the mails as spam within the recipient’s inbox. This will not only have a negative impact on the business’ reputation, but also harm the reputation with search engines, which play an important role in helping businesses, reach their end customers.

Email validation is an inevitable source of income for businesses, provided it is used in the right manner. Through this procedure, not only can your business avoid the epidemic of inaccurate and abandoned emails addresses, but also help avoid landing your hard work within the spam folder. What’s more is that validated email addresses will help you land the right customer responses, which will help you grow your business in the right direction. Ultimately, the idea is to be able to get a reasonable response on your investment, without having to incur massive losses.

If the process of email validation is done right, using the right tools and service providers, it can go a long way in helping predict customer needs and cater to their whims and fancies, without waiting for them to come to you. Reap the benefits of a good email marketing campaign by employing the services of a reputed email validation service provider This way, your money will be put where it belongs.

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