Product Update: Introducing Listware Plus

Melissa would like to announce Listware Plus, the newest entry in our Listware family of products. About 5 years ago, Melissa announced the release of Listware Desktop. Listware Plus is an overhaul of its predecessor, geared toward the more demanding user, while remaining a free and intuitive way to consume our web services.

Listware Plus is a flexible, scalable application that can be used to process data files through our cloud services with minimal setup and zero development time. Whether you want to cleanse 100 records or 1 million records, Listware Plus remains a lightweight and optimized solution for flat file processing.

If you require a more programmatic solution, the application can be a very helpful tool used to clean up a dataset right away, or assess how our services perform using different processing options and increased throughput with multi-threading.

 And if you’ve already run your data through our cloud services, you can leverage Listware Plus to run reports and get Result Code definitions, statistics, and high-level infographics.

Listware Plus adds significant value with new features such as:

  • Expanded coverage to most of our web services
  • Automatic File and Service Configurations for more efficient job setup and debugging
  • Polished, interactive HTML reports
  • Reporting functions even for files that have been processed using other Melissa tools
  • Intelligent problem detection to indicate issues such as duplicate column headers, missing inputs, or mismapped columns

Get Listware Plus today! To learn more or subscribe to one of Melissa’s Web Services, visit or call 1-800-MELISSA.



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