Unison by Melissa Adds Profiling to its Capabilities

Melissa is proud to announce the addition of Profiler to our next-generation Customer Data Platform, Unison by Melissa. Unison already features address, name, phone and email verification along with geocoding and matching. With quick and robust profiling, users will be able to increase the quality of their data and easily identify any potential problems in their data pipeline.

Profiler makes it easy to analyze your data by providing a massive array of metrics and statistics with a simple interface to make and configure your projects, then view the results. Let’s take a tour of Profiler!


Melissa’s Profiler Object provides multiple statistics and metrics for your interpretation. Unison takes this a step further by leveraging Profiler to produce infographics, individual drilldowns, and PDF reports for your viewing convenience. These statistics range from duplicate counts, pattern analysis, word analysis, data type mismatches, and many more. These statistics help you to monitor your data and judge its quality and its completeness.

Drilldown Reports

Individual statistics can be clicked to view the drilldown report for that statistic. Here we can see the drilldown report for cells with (only) alphabetic characters. The drilldown reports highlight noteworthy cells according to what statistic is being viewed. This can help with identifying data issues that need to be resolved.

Data type mismatches and errors are also displayed. Type mismatch identification gives you the power to detect potential problems in your data pipeline which will in turn increase your data quality.

PDF Reports

Results can be exported to a PDF report. This makes offline viewing, archiving, and distribution easier. The PDF report includes an overview of the same statistics and metrics that are shown in the web portal.

Result Comparison

Additionally, Unison allows you to compare the results of different projects in a side-by-side view which makes it easy to see differences for an even greater potential of data analysis. The tables still have the same drilldown functionality as mentioned before, so it is easy to see the differences and make decisions. This statistical comparison helps with identifying run-to-run changes and building an understanding of how your data is progressing.

Projects and Jobs

Profile projects are organized and searchable, so it is easy to see what you have and where you left off. Run the projects at time of creation or schedule them out. Unison provides flexibility through its project management interface.

Easy Setup and Configuration

Setup is easy and quick. Projects can be given names and descriptions. Private projects can also be made for runs which do not need to be exposed to your internal teams. The guided wizard makes it easy to configure everything from start to finish.

Each column can be hand-picked for profiling. You can rename columns, configure flat file interpretation, and preview your data.

Profiler provides multiple data type interpretations to analyze your columns. There are many generalized types as well as higher level types to choose from. These data types provide powerful interpretation functionality to your profiling project.

We provide options to control what statistics and numbers are crunched during profiling analysis. We allow for even further customization through regular expression analysis as well.

Once configured, your Profiler Project is set to run!

We are proud to see this feature released and hope that you enjoy this new addition to the Unison feature lineup. With the introduction of Unison’s Profiling, analysis of your data has never been easier and we are excited to see how you use this new functionality to improve your data quality.

If you have any questions, please reach our technical team, otherwise subscribe to our Product News & Updates blog to always stay in the loop.

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