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Product Announcement – Listware Desktop

Melissa recently launched Listware Desktop, an easy-to-use batch application that enables users to quickly utilize web services that clean, verify and enrich all your people, business and property data. And, it’s a starting point for programmers – since it is open sourced, it is fully customizable.

Listware Desktop is available as a quick download via a secure zip file. For instructions on how to download and use Listware Desktop, go here.

Web services included with Listware Desktop:


  • Adds valuable consumer demographic information
  • Provides geopoints at the rooftop level
  • Adds property data like county, FIPS Code & much more
  • Completes missing consumer & business contact data – phone, email, name & address


  • Standardizes business names & fixes misspellings or incomplete company name
  • Provides comprehensive details on U.S. & U.K. businesses, including contact info

Global Address Verification

  • Cleans, standardizes & formats international addresses

Global Email Verification

  • Removes bad email addresses
  • Checks & corrects misspelled domain names
  • Provides registration details of a domain name

Global IP Locator

  • Adds comprehensive geolocation to the IP address of your web visitors

Global Name

  • Verifies name with name parsing & gender determination

Global Phone

  • Ensures U.S. & international phone numbers are valid & callable

For more information, click here.

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