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Product Advisory: ZIP*Data Classic Included Within ZIP*Data II 

Dear ZIP*Data Customer:

Thank you to everyone who participated in our ZIP*Data Survey to help us uncover what is needed moving forward for those that still use the Legacy version, ZIP*Data Classic.

Based on the Survey Feedback, we have decided to include ZIP*Data Classic within a “Legacy” folder of the ZIP*Data II download ( for those that still need extra time to make the switch beginning November 2022. There is no end-of-life plan at this time.

Therefore, there will no longer be a separate download for ZIP*Data Classic (ZD_YYYYMM) after October 22, 2022; however, ZIP*Data Classic will still be available within the Legacy folder of the ZIP*Data II download.

What are the differences between ZIP*Data Classic and ZIP*Data II?

  • ZIP*Data II is divided amongst two (2) tables and uses ACS 2020 data, whereas ZIP*Data Classic is divided amongst ten (10) tables and contains 2000 Census data for Historical purposes. ACS data is updated once a year, whereas Census data is updated every 10 years.
  • ZIP*Data II uses Comma-Separated (.csv) files, which can be opened natively in Excel and easily imported into relational databases such as SQL Server and MySQL. ZIP*Data Classic uses dBase and Fix-length files.
  • ZIP*Data II does not contain Urban, Suburban, Farm or Nonfarm Geographic areas found in the Census.dbf of ZIP*Data Classic.
  • ZIP*Data II uses the CBSA file to replace the MSA file that was deprecated by the Census over 10 years ago.
  • ZIP*Data II uses updated Latitude and Longitude coordinates so that users do not have to alter them in order to get valid coordinates.
  • ZIP*Data II does not contain County Seat information because there is no new Data Source for County Seat that is found in the CNTY.DBF of ZIP*Data Classic.
  • ZIP*Data II bases Home Value on Median Sales Price instead of Average Sales Price in ZIP*Data Classic.

To learn more about the general differences between Census 2000 data and ACS data, please visit this page.

Please contact Tech Support at or call 1 (800) 800-6245 x4 with any questions or concerns regarding ZIP*Data Classic or ZIP*Data II.

Thank you!
The Melissa Team

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