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Advisory – ZIP*Data

Melissa plans to deprecate ZIP*Data Classic by October 22, 2022 and will require all applications that currently use ZIP*Data Classic to implement the standard version: ZIP*Data2.

In order to prepare for this change, ZIP*Data2 will be separated from ZIP*Data Classic in upcoming product download emails beginning May 2021. This will help determine who needs to be notified moving forward and if there are any concerns regarding the switch.

Why is ZIP*Data Classic being deprecated?
The legacy version of ZIP*Data (Classic) will be deprecated because it is divided amongst 10 tables that must be joined together and contains 2000 Census data for Historical purposes.

ZIP*Data2 is divided amongst tables and uses American Community Survey (ACS) 2019 data, which is updated once a year, whereas Census data is updated every 10 years.

When is ZIP*Data Classic being deprecated?
ZIP*Data Classic will be deprecated on October 22, 2022.

ZIP*Data Classic will become a separate download from ZIP*Data2 in May 2021.

Who is affected by this deprecation?
ZIP*Data Classic users.

What are the differences between ZIP*Data Classic and ZIP*Data2?

  • ZIP*Data2 is divided amongst two (2) tables and uses ACS 2019 data, whereas ZIP*Data Classic is divided amongst ten (10) tables and contains 2000 Census data for Historical purposes. ACS data is updated once a year, whereas Census data is updated every 10 years.
  • ZIP*Data2 uses Comma-Separated (.csv) files, which can be opened natively in Excel and easily imported into relational databases such as SQL Server and MySQL. ZIP*Data Classic uses dBase and Fix-length files.
  • ZIP*Data2 does not contain Urban, Suburban, Farm or Nonfarm Geographic areas found in the Census.dbf of ZIP*Data Classic.
  • ZIP*Data2 uses the CBSA file to replace the MSA file that was deprecated by the Census over 10 years ago.
  • ZIP*Data2 uses updated Latitude and Longitude coordinates so that users do not have to alter them in order to get valid coordinates.
  • ZIP*Data2 does not contain County Seat information because there is no new Data Source for County Seat that is found in the CNTY.DBF of ZIP*Data Classic.
  • ZIP*Data2 bases Home Value on Median Sales Price instead of Average Sales Price in ZIP*Data Classic.

Please contact Tech Support at or call 1 (800) 800-6245 x4 with any questions or concerns regarding ZIP*Data Classic or ZIP*Data2.

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