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Advisory – Express Entry V4 MaxRecords Option

Melissa recently announced a new release for our Express Entry API which will be updated from Version 3 to Version 4 starting July 5, 2021. As part of the week of July 5th release, there is an additional optimization to the API. Version 4 will return by default a maximum of 10 records in the response if the MaxRecords option is not specified. Users still have the ability to set MaxRecords, but only up to a maximum value of 100. By limiting the MaxRecords to 100 and setting a default of 10 records, this will prevent the API from returning an overwhelmingly large number of records (sometimes up to 3000 records) in a single response. This has been a long-standing issue that has caused the API to slow down for our users which we are now mitigating. It is strongly recommended for clients to test the beta link to ensure that the default MaxRecords to 10 and limit of 100 MaxRecords per request does not affect your current implementation.

We strongly suggest that you test your applications to ensure that they will continue to work after Version 4 has been released.

You can find our beta endpoint testing instructions here.

You can find more details of the Version 4 update here.

Please contact Tech Support at or call 1 (800) 800-6245 x4 with any questions or concerns regarding the Express Entry V4 release.

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