Sneak Peek of Upcoming Global Name WS Release

Melissa has been working diligently on a new Global Name Web Service release which will add full support for select countries including France, Germany, and United Kingdom. We are expecting to launch these major improvements early 2021.

In this release, we’ve also added a new ‘Country’ property which will help determine the language and best parsing mechanism specific for the country. For example, if the United States is specified, the name “Andres MiddleName Hernandez” would identify and parse “Hernandez” as a last name. However, if Spain is the configured culture, then “MiddleName Hernandez” would be identified as the last name because this is more relevant for Spanish culture. If there are multiple languages for the country, then the input would be analyzed for known name tokens and for characters specific to one language’s alphabet.

Global Name can be used to automate the parsing of name data, making it simple to send personalized business mail tailored specifically to the gender of the people in your mailing list, while screening out vulgar or obviously false names. Additional output fields that have been added to Global Name now include nickname, professional title and salutation as part of the response.

Global Name will also be able to handle name strings that include two names.

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For technical support, reach our tech support department with any questions.

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