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Advisory – Express Entry V4 Release Date

Starting July 5, 2021, Express Entry API will be updated from Version 3 to Version 4. The new version introduces improvements on back-end architecture for the address completion engine to provide better results. These changes should be backwards compatible. However, some integrations, especially those that are using older technologies, may encounter incompatibility issues with V4 header structure. This also applies to users who have stricter implementations that are unable to handle changes to API header response dynamically.

Version 4 Improvements:

  • Conversion to container technology to increase stability and reduce maintenance/update times
  • Conversion to .NET Core
  • Improved search engine, overall providing better results for autocompletion
  • Optimizations to increase overall processing times

We strongly suggest that you test your applications to ensure that they will continue to work after Version 4 has been released.

You can find our beta endpoint testing instructions here.

You can find more details of the Version 4 update here.

Please contact Melissa Tech Support with any questions.

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