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Global Email V4 – New Release Improvements and Features

At Melissa, we value your feedback. Your needs are what drives our products in the right direction. That’s why we are proud to announce several new improvements, features and bug fixes in our latest version of Global Email V4. Below are the improvements and new features that you can expect in the newest version.

Improved Speeds
We made significant investments in our email validation cloud infrastructure, focusing on stability, reliability and speed improvements.

Improved Disposable Domain Detection
We implemented an automatic disposable domain feed and expanded our database of known disposable domains.

Improved MX Level Validation
We have made improvements at the MX server level to identify issues at the domain level more accurately, resulting in quicker validations for invalid mail servers. We leverage additional logic to determine if the provider is having a temporary outage at the domain level.

Improved Domain Correction
We made significant improvements and reworked our domain correction algorithm with the goal of reducing false corrections. We plan to expand domain corrections to include more popular domains on a periodic basis.

Improved DeliveryConfidenceScore Accuracy
We’ve implemented new, dynamic logic to improve the accuracy of the delivery confidence scores.

Introducing New Fields


  • Returns security protocols used on the receiving mail server


  • Predicts if email belongs to a personal or business/organization email by analyzing the domain

BreachCount (Available late 2022 or early 2023)           

  • Returns the known number of breaches that this email account has been involved in

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed issue with inconsistent role address detection

To learn more or get started, view the Quick Start Guide, or reach out to our technical team if you have any questions.

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