Notorious ZIP Codes

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ZIP codes are something that people have learned to live with, something that simply needs to be looked up whenever filling out a form or sending a letter. While they may be of tremendous help when it comes to shortening the time a letter spends in transit, the average consumer often doesn’t have room in their memory for any ZIP code other than their own.

Other ZIP codes in the U.S. have developed a certain kind of notoriety, however, either for their rate of celebrities per capita or for being unique in some way. These ZIP codes stand out from the pack and have managed to ingrain themselves in the American collective consciousness one way or another.

We have an infographic, provided by, that covers a few of these ZIP codes and explains the history and details that make them stand out. From 10001 to 90210, these five-digit sequences may sound familiar for good reason. These standouts are located on both sides of the country and in one strange case, even floats above the water.

Take a look at this interesting bit of geography trivia and you might learn something new about what makes this half-dozen pack of ZIP codes a part of Americana: