Melissa Quality Solutions for Dynamics™, Data Verified at the Click of a Button! CRM

Melissa Quality Solutions for Dynamics™, Data Verified at the Click of a Button! CRM

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By Samuel Chung, QA Programmer

Microsoft Dynamics® CRM
has served as an important tool for many organizations to keep track of various
key details such as Contacts, Leads, Competitors, and Invoices–in order to
maintain overall business success. With Melissa’s Dynamics CRM plugins, you can
easily verify contact information at the click of a button.

Our plugins are easy to
install, configure, and use. Know your contact information is clean and
verified when you choose our data quality solutions. Install Global Verify,
Personator, or Business Coder and ensure that your contact information is
accurate and up-to-date.

Global Verify

Do you have data in your
Dynamics CRM environment that requires validation on the global scale? Then,
our Global Verify Solution may fit your needs. Global Verify validates names,
email addresses, phone numbers, and addresses for over 240 countries.

Here is an example of
our service in action: input with a name, email, phone number, and an address
into the contact record.



After running our
service, the results are as shown:



Scroll down to the bottom
of the page, you can see more detailed results as returned by the service. Here
is an example of our phone and address details.



In addition, our premium
Global Email and Global Phone services offer options such as live validation of
those inputs. These services come at an additional cost, but will give you results
in real-time. To activate, change your configuration from “Express” to
“Premium” for each respective service.


The Personator web service will help you enrich your
data for records within the United States and Canada. If your contact record is
incomplete–say you only have a name and address–Personator will enrich your
record by appending contact data such as an email address or phone number. In
addition, it can also append demographics as well as census data.

Here is Personator at work:

After the input has been
analyzed, here are the results:



Again, if you would like
to see the details of the response, please scroll down to the details section
of the page.



For a full list of all possible
outputs, please visit the wiki page for each service.

Business Coder

Our Business Coder
Solution will append firmographic information, such as revenue, number of
employees, SIC/NAICS codes, and business phones. Input using various options,
such as website, stock ticker, or address details. Choose which information you
want to display or hide.



Dynamics CRM Options

In order to allow users
to have more control over how our solutions might work in their environment, we
have put certain options in the Configuration of each of our solutions.

Limiting Output

Often, you may not require every single service or field that our solutions offer. For example, if you are using our Global Verify Solution but do not require the use of service outside address verification, you can choose not to run those services. 

In the Configuration tab in the solution explorer, you can uncheck the undesired services at the top. Once unchecked, these fields and tabs will be hidden on the form in order to prevent users from being overwhelmed with unnecessary information. 

This is also true for our Personator and Business Coder solutions. In the section titled “Output Options,” you can select which columns to output. The output options that are left unchecked will be hidden on the form as well. All of the output options that are left unchecked will not be sent to the web service. In other words, you will not be charged for fields you do not need on your subscription. 

Here we have a contact with all the output fields available.


We disable some of the
options that we do not need:



And all the corresponding
fields are now gone from the output.


Verify On Save and Hide

These two options work
hand in hand. The “Verify On Save” option will allow users to fire the desired
service, such as Personator, every time a record is saved. The “Hide Button”
option will allow users to hide the “Personator” button that is present on the
command ribbon when creating or editing a record. This will allow users to
customize their use of these services; particularly if they find certain
options undesirable.

Overwrite Input

This option will allow users to choose whether or not they would like our services to fill in the out-of-the-box fields in Dynamics CRM. For example, if a user would like to correct the user input for the address using our Personator service, they can leave this option checked in the configuration. In addition, this will allow users to fill in other out of the box fields wherever applicable, such as the longitude and latitude fields when using our Personator or Global Verify solutions.
As you can see in the image below, the phone number was added to the Contact as well as the Street Name corrected from “Glenmont” to “Glenmont Dr.”





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