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Melissa Data Quality Suite & Clean Suite Named a Leader by G2

Melissa Data Quality Suite & Clean Suite Named a Leader by G2

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Melissa’s Data Quality Suite and Clean Suite was once again named a leader by G2. Check out the Data Quality Grid to see how our solutions for address verification, email and phone validation, record matching and data enrichment ranked on the Report – plus review the high customer satisfaction scores we earned.

Thank you to those who have taken the time to provide feedback by submitting a review. We continue to focus on delivering leading-edge data quality and address verification solutions and providing the best service.

Here’s a snapshot of how we scored in Data Quality & Address Verification:

  • Data Quality: 92% quality of support (up 1% from last quarter)
  • Data Quality: 96% featured in data matching (up 1% from last quarter)
  • Data Quality: 93% featured in preventative cleaning (up 1% from last quarter)
  • Address Verification: 96% featured in cleansing (up 1% from last quarter)

Download the full G2 Grid Report to see how we scored on the satisfaction charts. Are you a current Data Quality Suite user? Leave us a review on G2. We love to hear from our customers! For questions regarding our products, feel free to contact us.

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