Duplicate Elimination

MatchUp Now Available in the Cloud

you know that most databases contain 8-10% duplicates? These duplicates get in
the way of business intelligence, accurate analytics, and can even result in
wasted spend and undeliverable mail costs.


solution? MatchUp®! The new edition of a Cloud web service to the
current lineup allows you to dedupe, household, and fuzzy match into any aspect
of your network that can communicate with our secure servers using common
protocols like XML, JSON, REST or SOAP. Select a predefined matching strategy,
map the table input columns necessary to identify matches to the respective
request elements, and submit the records for processing. 


MatchUp’s matching
strategies remove the complexity of configuring rules, while still applying
Melissa’s fast and versatile fuzzy matching algorithms and extensive
datatype-specific knowledge base, ensuring the tough-to-identify duplicates
will always be flagged.


MatchUp Web Service to:

Indicate if a record is unique or
matches any other records in a submitted record set

Create a unique group identifier used to
group and query all records that matched each other

Count number of records in each matched group

Aggregate these
output properties to indicate the status of a single record and/or clean and evaluate the status of an entire database

The MatchUp Web Service is a good fit for customers who don’t want to install
or host local libraries or datafiles, or maintain them. Unlike other Melissa
Web services, MatchUp is batch-oriented; there are no incremental deduping or
survivorship capabilities available at this time.

Web Service joins our current lineup of MatchUp solutions:

On-Premise API: Multiplatform, support for the
following platforms: Java®
, Visual C#®,
Windows®, PHP, Oracle®
, Linux®,
®, HP UX®.

Integrations/Plugins: Dedupe, consolidate and create
golden records using MatchUp   in popular
programs including Excel®, Pentaho®, SSIS, Salesforce®.

Service Bureau: Send us your file for quick batch
deduping with fast turnaround.


Try it Free:


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