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Listware for Salesforce®: The All-in-One Data Hygiene Tool for CRM

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By Kevin Ubay-Ubay,
Channel Manager


Managing leads and
contacts in Salesforce can be quite a hassle. With Salesforce being a cloud
CRM, you could imagine a situation where multiple people from various sales
centers are entering addresses, phones, and emails into a single Salesforce
org. Chances are very likely that some of that data could have been entered
incorrectly. This is a costly mistake in terms of the amount of time and effort
it would take to determine and track which records are indeed good and valid.
Listware for Salesforce is an app that brings in various data quality tools to
clean and update addresses, phones, emails, and names globally.

Here are some of Listware’s capabilities:

  • Verifies and standardizes
    international name, address, phone, and email information
  • Reduces keystrokes by 50% with
    address auto-completion
  • Appends missing email, phone,
    address, demographic, and geographic information to improve sales and
    marketing efficiency

Taking a Closer Look at

When you bring up a
customer contact on Salesforce, you may find yourself asking these questions:

  • Is this person’s address indeed
  • Can I call this phone number?
  • Can I contact this person by

Listware can answer
these questions for you. Packaged in the app is a global/international
component that can validate (determine if they exist and are deliverable) and
standardize (ensure that the address is written in its correct mailing format)
addresses in over 240 countries and territories. In addition, geocoding
(latitude/longitude) is also available for 40+ countries.

For email addresses, the
global component can parse, correct typographical errors, standardize, and
perform validation down to the mailbox level. The real-time email mailbox
validation removes up to 95% of bad emails. For phone numbers, Listware can
examine international phone numbers and indicate if the phone number is valid
for the region, and if any area code updates are needed.

Global Address

Want to prevent bad
addresses from being entered into your Salesforce org? With Listware’s address
auto-completion, not only are you preventing typos, but you’re also reducing
the number of keystrokes and the time to enter in a new contact. Simply start
typing in an address and suggestions will start to appear:


You can also enter
addresses by first specifying the postal code which will narrow down the number
of possible street addresses:


Enabling address
auto-completion can be done for any object (including custom) by adding in a
custom VisualForce page containing the address auto-completion component.

Determining the True
Identity of a Customer

In addition to
standardizing and validating the address, phone, name, and email, Listware can
perform additional operations such as verification and append records within
the U.S. What if you wanted to know if there actually is a person with a
specific name living at an address? Whether the phone number is indeed
associated with the name and address? Listware can answer this by indicating
which pieces of your contact record (name/address/phone/email) correspond with
each other.

Sometimes, you may also
have gaps in your contact data. For example, you may have the person’s name and
address, but not their phone and email. Listware’s U.S. component can append
any missing data it can find.

Listware’s U.S.
component also provides move updates. In short, by examining the name and
address, we can do a check to see if the person has moved to another location
and return back their latest address to you.

Batch Processing

Some users may already
have a large amount of existing records in their Salesforce org that need to be
standardized and validated. For situations like this, Listware provides a
simple way to start up batch jobs that will run through all your records in one


After processing all
your records, you can view a summary of the results and search through your
records with various parameters including the result codes:


Property & Mortgage

Listware can also
provide property & mortgage data for over 140 million U.S. properties. Here
are some fields of information that can be returned:

  • Owner name and address
  • Parcel range, section, township
    & zoning
  • Number of bedrooms & baths
  • Appraised & market values
    for the property
  • Date when property was last
  • Mortgage lender name, amount
    & type

An ideal feature for
investors and real estate professionals, these categories of information are
very important to those interested in finding real estate trends.

Custom Objects

Any Salesforce object
(whether it’s a custom or standard) can be used within Listware. By default,
Listware is only enabled for Lead, Account, and Contact objects. You can also
request an enterprise key by speaking with one of our sales reps that will
support other objects, including custom ones. Simply put, for any object that
you want to use, just tell Listware where all the data is by mapping the input
and output fields:


Custom Objects

So that’s an overview of
Listware for Salesforce. If you’d like, you can test all these features by
trying Listware for free.

Just look for us on the
AppExchange: (
and install the plugin.

For more info, go

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