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Clean & Verify Your Global Contact Data–One Powerful Cloud Service

Clean & Verify Your Global Contact Data–One Powerful Cloud Service

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By Kevin Ubay-Ubay, Sales Engineer

Global ID Verification
is Melissa’s powerful cloud service that gives one single, simple
way to clean and verify your global contact data. Leverage our experience in
name, phone, address, and email validation to gain comprehensive contact checking
and identity-level verification.

Our web service
may be applied to:

  • Age verification
  • Name-address verification
  • Anti-fraud applications
  • Online shopping cart &
    eCommerce platforms
  • FinTech/Banking

When you need your
contact data checked and verified, Global ID Verification begins with
standardizing and validating your records. At this stage, the service will
parse and standardize your data as well as check for the following:

  • Name is in a valid format
  • Address is deliverable
  • Email address exists
  • Phone number is callable


  • Full Name: John doe
  • Phone: 8458692102
  • Email:
  • Address Line 1: 1 unicorn
  • City: norwich
  • Administrative Area: Postal
  • Code: NR33AB Country: GB


  • Full Name: John doe
  • Phone: +44 8458692102
  • Email:
  • Address Line 1: :1 Unicorn Rd
  • City: Norwich
  • Administrative Area: Norfolk
  • Postal Code: NR3 3AB
  • Country: GB

In the diagram above, you can see the final
result of reformatting. Casings are changed and abbreviations are corrected.
Continuing the process, you gain missing street suffixes, phone country dialing
codes, missing state/province/administrative area info, and even typographical
email domain corrections. For example, will be adjusted to

Next, Global ID
Verification evaluates your data against trusted reference data in order to
verify each individual’s information so you can be confident that names and
communication channels are current.

In this verification
stage, the web service takes the standardized name, phone, email, and address
from the previous stage and performs ID verification. Additional input, such as
an individual’s national ID, such as a social security number and date of birth
can be verified as well; depending on the country of origin.


  • Full Name: John Doe
  • National ID: HJDO840230HVZRRL05
  • Date of birth: 2/30/1984
  • Phone: +56-222-226-8000
  • Email:
  • Address Line 1: Paseo De Los Conquistadores 2000
  • City: Guadalupe
  • Administrative Area: NL
  • Postal Code: 67170
  • Country: MX


  •   KV01 – Address matched

  • KV02 – National ID

  • KV03 – First name matched

  • KV04 – Last name matched

  • KV05 – Phone number matched

  • KV06 – Email matched

  • KV07 – Date of birth matched

The diagram above shows how the service will return result codes
indicating which information has been matched. By observing what kinds of
result codes are returned, you may determine how reliable your data is.

Global ID Verification will be available as a web service hosted
on our servers – which means you won’t have to worry about updates and
maintenance. Information about the countries supported and the level of
coverage may be found on our wiki at Sample code and
documentation is also provided to help you get a jump start on building
applications and services incorporating our ID Verification technology.

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