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Unique U.S. ZIP Codes + SERP-Certified Canadian Addresses

Melissa’s address Autocompletion tool, Global Express Entry, has recently been enhanced to include two new features: support for unique ZIP Codes in the U.S.; and, new Canada data supported by Melissa’s Master Address Table.

Unique ZIP Codes are the specially designated ZIP Codes assigned to large corporations, hospitals and universities that have their own internal mail delivery.  Some unique ZIP Codes include 12345 in Schenectady, NY for General Electric, and 00544 in Holtsville, NY for the IRS Service Center.  Generally, any address within a unique ZIP Code is considered valid. However, there were unique situations where addresses within these ZIP Codes were not present in Express Entry in recent time. With the support of Melissa’s Master Address Table, these addresses are now available. The result is improved coverage for U.S. addresses within Express Entry.

Canada data has also been improved since implementing the Master Address Table. This source covers all of Canada, with SERP-certified addresses (similar to USPS CASS Certification) that are verified and standardized according to Canada Post’s recommended Addressing Guidelines. This results in better coverage so you can confidently autocomplete Canadian addresses efficiently, while also gaining a single view of the customer from point of entry.

These new features do not require any update on your end – they are automatically present in Global Express Entry as you type and choose addresses from the pick list.

For more on Global Express Entry, click here.

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