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The Importance Of E-Mail Validation

An essential part of email marketing, email validation ensures that emails reach their destinations without fail. Email validation helps in minimizing spam traps, the rate of email bounces, and complaints from subscribers due to incorrect and invalid data. An Email Validation service helps to prevent hard bounces which could get you blocked as the number goes higher. Email validation minimizes the number of hard bounces and keeps the reputation of the sender high. Having a good email sender reputation ensures your email doesn’t end up in the spam folder instead of the mailbox.

Doesn’t matter if you own a big or small business, e-mail marketing is an essential part of the marketing strategy. One of the biggest problems associated with e-mail marketing is an email bounce. Most marketers are unaware of the actual risks associated with an email bounce. Email bounces are classified as:

Soft Bounces
When an email address that is valid is unable to receive a mail temporarily at the time it is being sent, it is referred to as a soft bounce. Though it will be a bit delayed the email reaches the mailbox as soon as the issue is fixed.

Hard Bounces
An email address that is not deliverable permanently it is referred to as a hard bounce. This causes long-term problems in delivering emails which could in turn damage the reputation of the sender and the business. As the rate of the hard bounces goes high it’s going to have a negative impact on your reputation.

Why Is Email Validation Important?
Email validation prevents email bounces thereby increasing the reputation of the sender. The inbox rate also goes high. Both these factors play a major role in generating interactions with the customer. The Return on Investment (ROI) for your marketing campaign goes higher with good customer interactions. Besides, through email validation, you could also get rid of bots, seeds and spam traps from your list of emails. This is essential in building personal credibility as well as the credibility of the business.

Email Address Verification Service
An Email Verification Service is used to analyze a list of email addresses to identify spam traps, errors and check for the validity of an email address so that the mail reaches the desired destination. This is essential to keep your list of emails clean and free of spammers. The Email Address Verifier decides if an email address is valid or not by using different validation techniques and algorithms.

Two Types Of Email Verification Services

A Real-Time API (Application Program Interface)
This is a piece of code which is integrated into any custom application or a company’s website. Real-Time API helps to validate each and every email address on the list in real time.

List/Batch Service
A file containing a list of email addresses are uploaded by the company using this service and this undergoes a process of verification.

How Does It Work?

A combination of verification techniques is used to measure if an email address is legitimate or not. This process depends on proprietary algorithms and the internal database. Email Address Verification service filters out email addresses that are invalid at the end of the process of validation. This list that is formed after the process of verification is clean and mails can be delivered without getting bounced back. This list also helps in meeting all the requirements of marketing and business.

The Process Of Email Verification Service

Check Email Address Syntax: Email addresses that have been formatted improperly gets removed.
Verifies MX (Mail Exchange) Records And Domains: An email address is marked invalid when an MX entry or the domain is missing.
Detection Of DEA (Disposable Email Address): Detects and processes ‘throw away’ email addresses. These are created temporarily for sign up forms.
Detects Spam Traps: Detection of blacklisted email addresses, spam seeds, BOTs, and honeypots.
URI DNSBLs And DNSBLs Are Checked: A blackhole list based on the Domain Name System (DNS) is a list of IP addresses used for spamming. Checking email addresses against DNSBLs and URI DNSBLs helps to trap networks known for spamming.
Detects Accounts That Are Role Based: Accounts that are role-based such as info @ or admin @ could cause your emails to bounce back and this, in turn, could get you blacklisted. The Email Address Verification service helps to detect such addresses.
SMTP (Simple Mail Transfer Protocol) Verification: The address will be checked for its existence without actually sending an email to their inbox.

Whether it is for engaging customers, marketing campaigns or confirmation of orders, emails need to be delivered successfully as this is an essential part of communication in any business. Hence a business that sends mass emails must have a high rate in email deliveries. An Email Verification Service ensures that your email list is clean and fully deliverable thereby preventing bounce backs. You don’t have to worry about your domain getting blacklisted and you get a good sender reputation.

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