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Increase Donations with an Accurate View of Your Donors and Constituents

Ask yourself this: Do I have a solid group of existing donors but am unsure who to target more aggressively for future contributions? If you answered yes, you’re not alone. Nonprofits and political organizations spend years collecting donor data, only to find that the data is unorganized and overwhelming. This data disarray leads to problem…

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Mailing Lists for Insurance Agents and Financial Advisors: How to Find, Specify and Buy a Great Mailing List!

by Jeffrey Dobkin The mailing list you select is responsible for almost half of the success of your mailing. The other half is decided by the creative strategy you use and the offer. The creative is the design, style, copywriting, photos and illustrations.  Included in the creative is the format: letter, envelope mailer, self-mailer, booklet,…

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Customer Centricity and Birds of a Feather

By David Loshin Why do we care to establish physical locations for individuals? One reason should be patently obvious: in every interaction between a staff member from your company and customer, both parties are always physically located somewhere, and many business performance indicators are pinned to a location dimension, such as “sales,” “customer complaints,” or…

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