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Better Marketing Starts with Better Data

Improve Data Quality for More Accurate Analysis with Alteryx and Melissa   Organizations are under more pressure than ever to gain accurate contact data for their customers. When your consumer base ranges from Los Angeles to Tokyo, it can be challenging. Poor data quality has a critical impact on both the financial stability as well…

By Derrick Wang April 27, 2017 0

Customer Centricity and Location Characteristics

By David Loshin In my last set of posts I began to examine the integration of the concept of “customer centricity” into business processes, starting with the ability to uniquely differentiate individuals in relation to their “contact-based” identifying characteristics, such as street address and telephone number. Interestingly, from one part of the discussion, we could…

By Melissa Team December 26, 2012 Off

Validation, Standardization, and Correction: Tool or Process?

By David Loshin There are all sorts of tools associated with address standardization, cleansing, and validation. As an example, the USPS has a certification program for software vendors, referred to as CASS (Coding Accuracy Support System)™ certification. According to their website,   CASS enables the Postal Service™ to evaluate the accuracy of address matching software…

By Derrick Wang March 27, 2012 0