4 Steps to Harvest Better Leads and Higher ROI

February 12, 2020 0 By Melissa Team

Now is the time to spring into data-driven marketing action! Spring will be upon us sooner rather than later thanks to Punxsutawney Phil, so we thought it would be best to share the 4 easy steps to harvesting better leads and higher ROI. Afterall, you reap what you sow.


1. Pick the Right Leads for Faster Growth

Instead of grabbing a handful of ill-defined, random or low-quality leads, it’s best to first define your target customer and use a lead source that allows you to micro-target your list. If you’re having trouble defining your target, start with a Look-Alike Report. It will define the attributes of your top customers and immediately find others just like them. The most popular types of Mailing Lists and Sales Leads are Consumer, Business, Occupant (for Saturation Marketing), and Property Owners. These lists allow you to choose from hundreds of customer attributes and target your best leads.

2. Harvest a Bigger Bounty by Pruning Mailing Lists

No farmer wants to waste water, fertilizer or energy nourishing plants that will never grow. So, don’t waste your time, resources and postage on old, outdated contacts! Using Data Hygiene Services are a marketer’s best practice. They prune back your mailing list to remove duplicated, outdated and unreachable customers who are weighing down your ROI. Plus, they can presort and qualify your direct mail so you reap the best postal discounts. Pruning lists with list suppression, deduplication and change of address processing will improve your ROI, enhance engagement and cut the waste and cost associated with returned mail.

3. Plant Your Messages in the Right Inbox

Now, to nurture these new and refreshed leads, you need to plant your messages in their mailbox, inbox or voicemail by reaching out with direct mail, email and telemarketing campaigns. With a single piece of a customer’s contact information, you can fill in the rest of the knowledge gaps with their postal address, name, email address and phone number (mobile or landline) with consumer and business Data Appends. Even if you just have a phone number or email address, Melissa’s Reverse Email and Reverse Phone Appends will fill in their name and postal address. Filling these knowledge gaps will round out your customer’s profile and empower you to provide omni-channel marketing.

4. Enrich Your Database to Nurture Customer Growth

You can now reach your customer on any channel, but what will define your messaging? To grow your customer relationship, you need to grow your customer knowledge. Enrich your customer information with vibrant Consumer Demographics and Business Firmographics. Identify consumer traits like age, income, marital status, home owner or renter, and so much more for targeted marketing and cross- or up-selling. Enhance your business list with employee size range, sales volume and add contact names and titles to drive analytics, segmentation and personalize outreach.


Spring into Data-Driven Marketing Action… 


… with $135 off your next purchase of $400 or more by March 31st, 2020 so you can reap the rewards of better leads, clean customer data, omni-channel messaging, and personalization for relationship growth.