Quickly Uncover Carrier Route Details with the Carrier Route Map

November 15, 2018 Off By Melissa Team

How can you generate quality leads cost-effectively? Direct mail may not be the go-to tactic when budget is a concern – but, it is the most effective.

Let’s look at a free tool that can help you save on your next direct mail campaign.

Carrier Route Maps.

Melissa’s clients love our Carrier Route Map Lookup. This Lookup shows a postal Carrier Route boundary overlaid on a map after you enter a 5-digit Zip Code and choose a Carrier Route. Carrier Route information also appears.

You can also choose to show all the Zip+4 points.

Mailing by carrier route is the most cost-effective way to do a mailing. With this easy-to-use tool, you can determine what carrier routes would best fit your audience. You can also see what streets fall within each Carrier Route boundary. It’s also helpful to take a look at how many homes fall within each Carrier Route or Zip before you order your saturation list.

Test out the Carrier Route Map Lookup and let us know what you think!